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Tournament for the Brickwoods Trophy
Sponsored by the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

The historic Royal Navy Brickwoods Field Gun Tournament is sponsored by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. It is held annually at HMS Collingwood in Fareham, Hampshire.

The Royal Navy's Field Gun run is a very unique affair. Often named the "toughest sport in the world", it is a display of teamwork which only the dedicated few can ever aspire to take part in. To excel at this sport, team members need the explosive speed of a cheeta, the strength of a weightlifter, and the precision of a ballerina.

Brickwoods Field Gun

Find out about the origins of the Brickwoods Field Gun competition.

Command Field Gun

Find out about the origins of Command Field Gun.


Brickwoods Field Gun competition results

Photo Archive

Largest photographic archive of the Brickwoods field gun, 2005 onwards

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